Saturday, April 27, 2013

Living Paleo 80/20 (Or More Like 75/25...)

It's been about 3 weeks since we have been living Paleo the way a lot of people do it: 80/20.  If you read my posts a few weeks back, you read about our plans to continue living Paleo- not 100% of the time, but to allow some "cheat" days.  Well, we have worked out a lifestyle plan that has been working really well for us(in my opinion).  It is more like 75/25 (where we are Paleo 75% of the time and non-Paleo 25% of the time), but still has the same idea as 80/20.

For us, it looks like this:  We stay Paleo 5 days of the week, and have 2 "cheat," or non-Paleo days a week.  We decided that we would pick 2 days of the week that we would be free to eat whatever we wanted, and for us that has ended up being the weekend- Friday and Saturday.  This way, we get to go out to dinner/drinks or order-in on the weekend nights that we want to relax and hang out together.  Plus, it is nice to have 2 days a week where I can indulge in lots of cheese, pasta, bread, etc.  You know I can't live without that stuff forever!

So, how is it going for our health?  I still feel really good and healthy.  I will say that we have been binge-eating a bit on our off-days, so I feel a little gross and bloated when that happens, of course.  We've both pretty much maintained our weight and are still feeling energized and happy.  It is nice to eat all-natural and clean most of the time, and I like that I have a reason to continue to create new and different Paleo meals!

If you want to try out Paleo but aren't sure about diving right in 100%, I would definitely recommend you at least start with 75/20 (or even go with just 1 cheat day a week if you want).  It is surely better than nothing, and you will be changing a lot of your habits about eating.  We hope to stick with this way of life for a long time, and it really hasn't been hard.  Now that we have our off-days, we aren't really missing any foods but are still staying healthy.  I'll keep you posted on our successes and of course, stay tuned for the latest meal creations!

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