Saturday, April 6, 2013

Our First Week Post-Challenge

You may have noticed that I haven't blogged at all in the last week, and that is mostly due to the fact that this has been a crazy last few days.  Sunday of course was Easter aka Binge Day, then Tuesday was my birthday, Wednesday I had a big job interview, Thursday I found out I got the job I wanted, and Friday was a celebration day.  So needless to say, we were not very Paleo this week.  We had kind of planned to lay off of Paleo a bit this week, and that definitely happened.  Here's a recap of how we did:

Sunday: As you know, this was Easter.  The first day in weeks that we could indulge in any foods we wanted!  I woke up early before church (and before work for my husband) and made some french toast- that's right- bread!  It was amazing.  Later, I went to a huge Easter brunch buffet with some friends, and I definitely indulged myself.  An omelet, ham, ROLLS, caprese salad, shrimp, pasta salad, and TONS of desserts.  It was kind of gross.  But amazing.  Meanwhile, out in the field at work, my husband got exactly what he had wanted: a cheeseburger and fries.  He reported that it was wonderful.  Even though I was NOT hungry, I ended up indulging even further later on that day with the meal I had been dreaming about for weeks- Chicken Parmesan- EXTRA cheesey.  It. Was. Incredible.  And I may or may not have washed it down with 2/3 box of Samoas that I had frozen during Girl Scout cookie season...  I feel kind of disgusting admitting all this, but it was my binge day!  So it was acceptable...  Check out my first non-Paleo dinner and look at that CHEESE:

Monday:  We tried to get back into Paleo, at least somewhat.  We both kept with Paleo meals for breakfast, lunch, and snacks, and decided again to splurge a little bit for dinner.  I made burgers (again for the hubby), but we did use buns and cheese.  So it wasn't a TOTAL Paleo day, but we were able to stay pretty good.  Oh, except for the Samoas we ate for dessert ;)

Tuesday: It was my birthday!  So of course it was a free day!  I may have indulged in some non-Paleo items throughout the day, and we went out to a nice restaurant for dinner where I ordered whatever I wanted!  It was wonderful.  We also went out to a local brewery for some beers, so we definitely were consuming non-Paleo items.  You only have one birthday a year, so you have to live it up of course!

Wednesday & Thursday:  We decided to go back to being strictly Paleo these days.  We had our usual breakfasts and lunches, and I made some simple Paleo dinners.  We had ground turkey tacos wrapped in cabbage leaves one night, and ham & asparagus the other night.  (I won't lie- I did sprinkle some cheese on my taco- but it was "minimal" dairy!)  We were back to our old ways and it was great!

Friday & Saturday: We had talked about doing the 75/25 Paleo plan from now on, and we decided to do take our "off" days on the weekends.  That means, from now on, we will stay Paleo Sunday-Thursday and then eat whatever we want on Friday and Saturday.  So we thought we may as well start that this week.  Friday, we got something we haven't had in a LONG time and really wanted: PIZZA!  We ordered pizza, and it was greasy and incredible.  We also had lots of leftover pizza to finish off on Saturday.  We also went out to a bar on Friday night and probably drank more alcohol than we should have, but we were celebrating some big events this week! 

So, this week has been interesting for sure.  It was nice to get to eat our favorite foods again, but I actually kind of missed being Paleo in some ways.  My body feels more tired and my intestines aren't as happy as they were before, so it is clear that Paleo was the healthier way to go. Starting Sunday, we will be officially starting our Paleo 5 days a week and non-Paleo 2 days a week plan, so hopefully things will get back to normal again.  And I promise I will get back to making fun, creative Paleo meals to share with you all!

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